Bonsai Tree & BonZai Philosophy

The significance of the bonsai tree is rooted deeply in Zen philosophy, representing the fusion and harmony of human existence with nature.  The practice of shaping and pruning bonsai trees is used as a form of meditation and self-expression.  Every bonsai tree is unique just as any painting, sculpture, or individual.  As with the art of Yoga, bonsai art allows one to tune inward, to focus and tap into the infinite potential within themselves.

At BonZai Yoga you can shape yourself into whatever you wish . . .


BonZai Yoga was started with the lofty ideal that yoga should be easily accessible and free to the participant. Ten years later, you will never come across a student who has paid for our services!

We accomplish this by pairing up with corporations to set up on-site fitness programs inline with their wellness benefits. These programs are then offered to employees or residents a “free perk!” Along with yoga classes, our services now include a wide range of fitness options so we can tailor any program to fit you best.


We lead busy and fast paced lives so it can be difficult to schedule in time for personal health and fitness.  Because BonZai offers fitness classes in your home or place of business we give you undeniable convenience so you have no excuse to not participate.


What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice of self development.  It is a method to attain physical and mental health, well-being and personal growth.  Yoga builds physical strength along with inner strength which provides mental and emotional discipline.

  • Physically,yoga improves and stimulates the body’s health.
  • Mentally,yoga aids alertness and promotes focus and clarity.
  • Emotionally,yoga produces feelings of stability and self-satisfaction.

Because yoga is a practice of self development, its versatility allows practitioners to focus on the aspects most prevalent to them.  Be it the physical benefits of yoga, the psychological, the spiritual, or a combination of them all.

What to expect

Yoga is simply a series of basic physical poses, easy to learn breath work, and guided meditation – all geared toward channeling stress out of the body and calming the mind.  In fact, an intermediate step of yoga is quieting the mind, something we all could benefit from!

The goal of yoga is personal inner liberation.

Is yoga for me?

“I can’t do yoga, I can’t tie my body into a knot!”

“I’ve never done yoga because I’m not flexible enough.”

“Yoga is not for me; I’m not into all that spiritual stuff.”

These are very common misconceptions and excuses people use to shy away from yoga. However, the only prerequisite to practicing yoga is an ability to move, and of course, to breathe.

Yoga is a personal practice.  Only you know where you are physically, mentally and emotionally; and only you know where you want to grow.  People choose to practice yoga for their own personal reasons that are unique to them.



BonZai Yoga is proud to serve the greater metro areas of Denver, CO and Houston, TX.
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